PacSun started as a small surf shop in 1980, serving as catalyst for California lifestyle and board sport culture. However, over the years, the retailer has lost it's identity and continues to struggle as sales decline and stores close. My group and I refocused the brand by realigning PacSun with it's board sport roots.

Rebranded logo takes visual queues from the terrain of three primary board sports.

Rewrite Laws - New brand voice encourages board sport athletes to disrupt physical laws.



Flagship stores bring a SoCal look and feel to major cities.

In-store layouts are divided into three sections to mimic tangible aspects of the three board sport terrains—sea, street, and slope.

The site is divided by terrain, to allow shoppers to easily browse relevant products, while also offering content surrounding board sport culture.

CW: Curt Chapkowski, Patrick Farrell  |  CS: Joe Carr, Newman Granger  |  CBM: Daniel Davis  |  XD: Jiapeng Song

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