washington Redskins rebrand

The Redskins' racially driven name and logo are no stranger to controversy. Sports fans and race activist have been calling for the name to change for decades, yet signs show that owner, Dan Snyder, won't budge until a name change is legally forced upon him. However, the team can take matters into it's own hands, by making the shift without being coerced into doing so.


As the capital of the United States, Washington is in the unique position to set an example for the rest of the NFL. In a league plagued by scandals, domestic violence and other ethical issues, the Redskins need to take the opportunity to show the world what D.C. is known for—leadership.

Its time to move forward and navigate the future of Washington football.


My team felt the name The Washington Navigators embodied the spirit of moving forward and promoting change, while still paying homage to the Native American people, whom were first to navigate this country.



Custom type created for jersey numbers, include 'motion streaks', portraying forward movement.



AD: Jeffrey Rozman  |  CW: Patrick Farrell  |  CBM: Yichi Zhang

The abstract ship projects forward-movement. Navy blue was added to the traditional Redskins color palette to reinforce
American pride.

The abbreviated 'Navs' nickname pays tribute to the Navajo people—the largest federally recognized native tribe in the U.S.

The 3 stars from the D.C. flag can be found throughout the new branding.

The iconic Washington Monument is subtly inserted in the lettermark.

Three stars from the D.C. flag are incorporated into the sleeve.

Traditional Native American pattern is inserted on the inseam along the pant leg.

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